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Assam is a multihazard State prone to floods, earthquake, storms and landslide besides man made disasters. Also the State faces acute flood & erosion problem. Assam has a history of disasters ranging from large earthquakes to severe floods.



  Extreme Winds

The approach of the South West Tropical Monsoon is usually marked by strong winds, overcast skies accompanied by occasional thundershowers, hailstorms and at times by cyclones between April and May. Thunderstorms known as Bordoicila are frequent during the afternoons. Heavy downpour starts from June. At times these cyclones are devastating bringing colossal loss of human lives and damage to property.



Every year flooding and riverbank erosion cause devastating impacts. Riverbank erosion is a serious problem in Assam leading to displacement of people due to the disappearance of villages year after year. Total area eroded from 1954 till date is approximately 386476 Hectares which means that about 7% of the land in the state's 17 riverine districts has been lost due to river erosion in the last 50 years. Vulnerability to natural disasters combined with socio-economic vulnerability of the people living in the state pose a great challenge to the government machinery and underscores the need for a comprehensive plan for disaster preparedness and mitigation. Assam, is in fact one of the poorest State with approximately 36% of the population living below poverty line. The state also lags behind in many other development indicators. Several factors are responsible, including poor infrastructure, remoteness, and inability to minimize the impacts of damages and loss of productivity from frequent flooding & other natural calamities. In the urban areas, due to rapid urbanization,demand for land becomes such that communities build houses in areas which are environmentally unstable with risks of landslides, flashfloods and cave-ins. Huge urban population combined with poor quality and ill-maintained infrastructure, low quality building stock, and lower resilience of the high-density society also increases the risks in the urban centres.
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