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About Us:
You will get to know about the formation of the Assam Disaster Management Authority with the Chairperson and Members of the Organization.

This section covers to give a brief introduction of the various Books, Reports published by Govt. and Non-Govt. organization with download facilities.

DRM Programmes:
UNDP has been supporting various initiatives of the central and state Governments to strengthen disaster management capacities for nearly a decade. UNDP proposes to accelerate capacity building in disaster reduction and recovery activities at the national level and in some of the most-vulnerable regions.

District Plan:
The District Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan, includes the facts and figures that have been collected from various departmental and informal sources with a view to meeting the challenges during any Natural Disaster.

Guwahati City DM Plans:
Disaster Management plan is an integral part of any development activities and its need in multi-hazard-prone urban cities has always been recognized as that of prime importance. It is prepared by District Emergency Operation Centre.

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